Your Fans WANT to Share Your Music and Here’s How You Can Help Them

Promoting your music isn’t just something that you can do, it’s something that your fans WANT to do. To get the most out of this there are strategies you can use to help your fans promote you! 

Here are a few of those strategies.

Create a Release Hashtag

Creating a release hashtag is something you can do that’s small and easy, but has a huge impact. By simply creating a unique hashtag for a new release, a concert, etc, fans will have something to attach to their posts about your music that other people can click on to find out more.

“By using a hashtag to identify new releases, the excitement will grow amongst fans for upcoming music, tour dates, etc. When releasing teasers or other promotional materials for new music, using a hashtag throughout that will allow you and your fans to track the progression of the release.” – Symphonic Blog

Release hashtags help with promotion as well as with growing interest in the release with your fans. They also provide you with a place to keep track of the interest in that release and other people posting about it.

Host A Contest

Hosting a contest gives your fans an excuse to promote and share your music. It’s a way for both you and them to benefit from the promotion and it costs you little to nothing at all!

“If you tie in the release of a new album or song to a contest such as this, a lot more people will be aware of your album. People seeing their friend share a competition about your new album is bound to pique the curiosity of some of them enough for them to listen.” – Remix

Kinds of contests (more details in our blog about contests for musicians) you can host include:

  • Comment for a chance to win
  • Merchandise giveaways
  • Share to your story
  • Tag me in your photo

Most of these cost you nothing (besides the merchandise giveaway) but give your fans something they want recognition from their favourite musicianand something you wantpromotion. A contest simply gives them a concrete reason to promote you more.

Social Sharing Icons

A small thing you can do that definitely has an impact on your fans ability to promote you is to add social sharing icons to your website. These allow people to easily share content they like from outside of social media to their social media with a click or two. People are far more likely to share something if they have an easy way to do so. If not, it’s easy for them to decide not to bother.

“Just having these buttons displaying there reminds people they can share your page if they want to, and if it’s a interesting or useful page, a percentage of your visitors will do that” – Music Industry How To

Making it easy for fans to share your content dramatically increases the chances of them actually sharing it. It doesn’t take long to add these buttons. They’re definitely worth it.

The best thing you can do is create great music that your fans are proud to share.

Your fans are your biggest promoters, so make it easy for them! They want to share your music, so why not give them encouragement and the tools to make it worth their time!

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