When is Paying for Online Promotion Worth Your Money?

One of the most important jobs of a musician—other than making music, of course—is to promote their music and their personal brand. Some kinds of online promotion you can do yourself, but for other kinds, you might just need to pay for it. It all really depends.

So, when is it worth it for a musician to pay for online promotion? This blog is here to answer that question!

You’re Releasing Something New

If you’re about to release a new song from a new album, paying for online promotion can definitely be worth your while. If you have something new coming out, you want to give it as much exposure as possible so that it has the best chance of success that you can possibly give it. Paying for promotion when you’re releasing something new gives you a specific and tangible thing to promote and lead people to, rather than something broad like just your music in general.

Paying to promote new music can help rank it well, which will lead to even more exposure, you just have to do it right. If you’re paying to promote new music, you have to make sure you’ve really thought out your campaign and that it’s music you genuinely care about.

“Sometimes only a few hundred sales is enough to appear on certain rankings, depending on your genre, and your best chance of doing so is in your album’s debut week, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by!” – Sonicbids

Paying for promotion when you don’t have anything new released or about to be released can be less effective as there is no core to what you’re promoting and no specific thing for people to get excited about.

Take your time to think about it, though. If you’re a new or less established artist, paying to promote something new is really useful, but if you are already certain you have a really dedicated fanbase that often shares your content anyway you might not need to pay for online promotion. Always take time to assess your current situation before deciding what to do.

You’ve Taken a Break

If it’s been a while since you’ve released something or been all that active online, then paying for promotion might just be the thing that will kickstart your music once again. If you’ve been quiet for a while, it’s almost impossible to get things back to how they were when you left right away. That takes a lot of time and effort, unless, of course, you’re someone like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift. Paying for promotion can save you some of that time as it gets you a lot more exposure.

If you just make content hoping people will see it again instead of paying to make sure they will, it’ll take a lot longer. Algorithms like consistent creators and content, so your first few posts after a break aren’t likely to have as much reach.

If you want to avoid the negative effects a well needed break can have on your online presence, consider paying to have a social media manager instead!

“Okay, we’re a bit biased here, but this is what we do! Freeing up your time so you can do what you do best is our motto! Even if what you’re doing best at the moment is sipping on a Mai Tai 1000 miles away, leave the rest up to us!” – Remix

Never Pay for Intangible Exposure

Paying to promote your music can be useful, but be wary of what you’re paying for. Never pay for intangible exposure. What is tangible and intangible exposure though?

Tangible exposure is paying for something such as an ad in a magazine or for your post to be promoted on Instagram. It is when you are aware of exactly what you’re getting and how you’re benefiting from it.

Intangible exposure is when you pay for the chance of something, such as the chance to be featured on a company’s social media. This can often be scams and, even if they aren’t, you don’t want to waste your money on just a chance.

“When someone asks you to pay for a chance to play at a showcase gig, you have no guarantee of what you’re getting. It is a less effective use of your money, no matter how much someone promises you they can put you in front of label execs.” – The Balance Careers

Also, never pay a person or company that says they’ll put your song in their video or ad. They should be paying you!

Paying for online promotion or not really depends on what it’s for and what your situation is as a musician. Are you well established as a brand with dedicated fans? If yes, you probably don’t need to pay for online promotion as much as someone who is new to the music scene and trying to establish themselves. Assess your situation before making a decision. There is no one right way!

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