What is Verce?

Have you ever heard of Verce before? It’s basically an online platform made to help musicians connect with one another.

About Verce

Making connections as a musician can be hard, and even harder now that so much of our lives are online. Verce decided to take that reliance on the online world and create a digital way to collaborate.

Verce was developed by Marius Ylven Westgaard and his older brother Kristoffer Ylven Westgaard. Their goal was to create an app dedicated to building strong and useful connections between musicians. That goal is still at its core today.

“Established in October 2018 as CLBZ, the app that brought Tinder-style connections to musicians. Not a love app for musicians but an app where musicians swipes cards with project briefs and let artists connect to collaborate. Later renamed and rebranded to Verce, without changing the recipe for collabs.” – Verce

How Does it Work?

Once you sign up through their easy and free registration process, Verce makes it easy for you to find opportunities to collaborate with other musicians and network – something vital in an industry like music.

Not only does it provide you with the tools for collaboration, Verce also provides you access to various music-related services and resources and gives you the opportunity to offer your own. Maybe you have a knack for songwriting. You can offer that as a service to other musicians if you choose! Maybe you need someone to help you with mixing and mastering? Someone else is surely offering help with that!

The Importance of Connections

“Online music collaboration gives you exposure to a brand new audience. Grow your following and find out what music resonates most, and connect with musicians you enjoy too.” – Verce

Industries such as music are built on connections. Networking can seem daunting and can seem especially difficult when you have no idea where to go to network or how to start. There is a reason that so many musicians chalk up their success to connections… because it’s true. But you don’t need to be best friends with Taylor Swift’s aunt to build good connections. You just need to know other musicians, collaborate with them, say yes to gig opportunities, and gain friends along the way.

Building connections and collaborating with other musicians on Verce gives you both opportunities to get your music out there and seen by a new audience, and also makes it easy for you to access tools that you might be struggling with otherwise. If you need background vocals, you can connect with another musician online. It’s so much simpler than searching for volunteers or pleading with your friends to do it.

How do you make connections in the music industry? Have you ever tried Verce before? Let us know in the comments below!

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