What is UGC and How Can Musicians Leverage it to Engage Their Fans?

UGC stands for user-generated content, which is any kind of content, be it photos, videos, audio, etc posted online. Photos from fans including pictures from concerts, fan art, and people wearing your merch can be great for musicians to use to keep their posts different and keep their platform engaging. There is tons of stuff all over social media to use!

UGC is a great tool, but you also need to be respectful and know how to avoid any legal troubles when using this tool. You need to be familiar with any legal issues that could come up as well as the importance of always getting permission. Social Media Examiner has a useful article about just that.

Anyway, now that you know what UGC is, here are some ways musicians can leverage it to engage their fans.

Ask Your Fans for Content

By simply asking your fans for the content you want, you’re going to easily get tons of it to use. It puts them in the spotlight and gets them excited to contribute to someone they love (you!). For a fan, it’s exciting knowing that someone you admire will be seeing, and maybe posting, something they created.

“There are good reasons your fans might want to share content related to your business, especially if you have a larger account than they do. You can expose them to a wider audience—your audience—which could in turn help grow their account. Plus, they’ll feel valued and special when their content is featured on your account.” – Social Media Examiner

If you want something specific, like photos of your fans in your new merch, you can add a hashtag to it. Tell your fans to post a photo of them in your merch with a hashtag you made up. It lets your fans engage with you and other fans and lets you find tons of UGC easily.

Host a Contest

Who doesn’t like a contest? To encourage your fans to post the UGC you need, you can create a contest for it. Contests like telling your fans to post videos of themselves lip syncing to your song and telling them that ten winners will be featured in a music video will encourage tons of engagement. Your fans get to have fun with it and the promise of a prize encourages them to engage with you even more.

It also gets you that UGC quickly.

“You can run 24hr contests to ensure that posts are uploaded in a more timely manner or offer more incentives to encourage sharing.” – Remix

This goes along with using hashtags created just for the occasion as mentioned earlier. With UGC, hashtags are always a great tool, especially a specific branded hashtag and a specific contest hashtag.

Engage with Your Fan’s Content

One of the most effective ways to get more UGC from your fans is by responding to what’s already there. This also happens to be one of the most effective ways to engage your fans, too.

What fans want most is to know that you notice them. Fans will notice if you are active on social media. They’ll know how much you post and how often you respond to other people’s posts. You want to be a musician that’s known for responding. If fans see you responding, they know there is a chance that you’ll respond to them someday. That’ll get them engaging with your social media a lot more than someone who posts once a month and follows only ten people.

“One sure way to boost engagement and excite fans is sharing their content with other fans. It’s also a great way to show appreciation to your biggest fans.” – Icon Collective

So, post your fan’s UGC. Engage with the UGC that you don’t post. Share it to your stories, comment on it, and definitely like it!

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