Week Three: Unofficial “Cool Girl” Status

Here we are again! Can you believe it? My third week at Remix has come and gone seemingly without my knowledge or recollection. This is the midway point, only three more weeks to go. If my time as an intern was the metaphorical embodiment of an entire lifetime, I would be just about due for a mid-life crisis. Lucky for you (or perhaps unlucky depending on your level of interest in seeing me have a breakdown) I have avoided any form of crisis. Instead, I have opted for the much more manageable path towards growth and professional development. A crisis would make for much more engaging content, wouldn’t it? Oh well, we still have 3 more weeks, plenty of time for a personal disaster to ensue.

We’ve been on this journey together for the past 3 weeks, dear reader, and I feel as though we are really getting to know each other. I feel like I can trust you with a secret I’ve been keeping. I can’t give away all the details but Mandi has tasked me with leading a top-secret side project. It’s been a lot of fun running something from the ground up. It is definitely a learning process! We are brainstorming and experimenting with new ideas every day, which has been such an incredible creative outlet. We are only at the beginning of this project but that’s the best part. We’ve got big things planned and I’m so excited to see how it all turns out! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated, you can tag along on this journey too!

Since our last check-in, a lot has changed. I am feeling much more confident in myself and my role within Remix. This past week, I have been really focused on reaching out and connecting with musicians. How cool is that? I have discovered so many talented Canadian artists that I didn’t even know existed, and guess what? I’ve even gotten to talk with some of them! I know this will make me sound super lame but getting to talk with indie musicians makes me feel so cool! I know the 12-year-old version of me, with her braces and Rolling Stone magazine subscription, would look up to present-day me as a “cool girl.” Way to go me!

I think that is all to report for now. Oh wait, I lied, there’s more! This may seem insignificant but it really struck a chord with me. I was watching a training video about effective newsletter writing by the amazing Ann Handley, and in her lecture, I learned that billionaire businessman Warren Buffett always writes his newsletters as though he is writing to his sister, Doris. What makes his writing so effective is that it’s personal and genuine. I found that so endearing. I have always believed that writing is a highly personal pursuit and should be about connecting with your audience.

This may be one-sided, but I feel like we have made a real connection, dear reader.

In any case, thanks for being the Doris to my Warren.


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