Week Six: The Long-Awaited Finale?

Well, here we are. Week six has finally arrived. We’ve had a good run of it, haven’t we? We’ve shared some laughs, shed a few tears, and above all, developed a real bond. I’ve loved sharing my experiences with you, dear reader; so here it is, here is what happened during my final week at Remix.

On Saturday, the whole team arrived at the office for our very glamorous, high-profile photo shoot! I came prepared with multiple outfit options in an attempt to appear like the stylish, professional business woman I’m constantly pretending to be. I have a hard enough time deciding on one outfit to wear in the morning, so you can imagine my peril on Saturday. Once I had the clothes packed, I thought the hard part was over. And guess what? I was very very wrong!

I don’t think anyone realizes how strange photography is until you have a camera pointed in your direction. Looking into the lens, forcing my face into a “smile”, I actually forgot how to act like a somewhat normal human being. I didn’t know I could forget how to be natural. Isn’t that something that should just come naturally?

So basically, I am both extremely terrified and strangely thrilled to see how these pictures turn out. I will either be pleasantly surprised, severely embarrassed, or mildly amused at my attempts at normalcy. I hope I’m amused, that’s definitely my preferred state of being.

Outside my usual awkwardness, the rest of the photo shoot was so much fun! It was such a great experience to hang out with everyone and share a lot of laughs (both fake laughing for the photos and genuine laughing at how ridiculous fake laughing is).

I got to meet Melanie and Jennifer who are both such lovely human beings!! They work remotely and we’ve chatted online but I had never actually met them in person! I would highly recommend meeting people in person, you won’t be disappointed (or maybe you will, it really depends on who you’re meeting!)

The highs of the weekend carried me into my final week! I was given a lot more responsibilities and have FINALLY gotten the hang of scheduling content!! Please, hold your applause until the very end. I’ve been doing more writing, which, if this blog is any indication, I’m really amazing at! Again, hold your applause until the end. I had a discovery meeting on Wednesday night which went so well. I always get so anxious before meeting someone for the first time, but I’ve noticed that I’m getting more sure of myself with every session.

I think if you asked me what my favourite part of my internship has been, I would definitely say it’s the confidence it’s given me. I am someone who has never been sure of what I wanted to do with my life. I spent most of my educational career anxiously hoping that everything would just work out in true fairytale fashion. And guess what? Everything has worked out but only after a series of stumbling and failing and working hard to get to where I am.

I’m not sure if I would feel so confident if I hadn’t done my internship at Remix. I honestly can’t express how grateful I am for this experience. I am an embarrassingly anxious person, so finding a place and a group of people who make me feel comfortable, yet push me outside my comfort zone, is something I could have never imagined.

I went to school to learn how to be a marketer, but Remix allowed me to become one.

Now, where does that leave us? With merely a few fond memories? I’m sorry, but that’s not enough for me.

Six weeks ago I invited you, dear reader, to join me through the uncharted territory of my internship journey and you bravely accepted.

Now I’m asking you, will you join me as I tackle my next big adventure?

And what adventure is that? Well, you are looking at Remix and Like A Voss’ brand new employee! That’s right, I will be employed next week and I have been living in a state of euphoria since Mandi offered me the position!

So, dear reader, I guess this isn’t goodbye! I’m sorry to disappoint but there will be no corny farewell today.

I do want to thank you though, for putting up with me and all my ramblings.

Thank you for silently cheering me on from behind your laptop and phone screens.

Thank you for accepting my invitation all those weeks ago.

I could have done it without you –  but I wouldn’t have wanted to.


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