Tips for Preparing to Launch an Album

If you’ve dedicated weeks, months, or even years to writing, recording, and creating an album wouldn’t you want it to be as successful as it can be? For an album’s success, its launch is crucial. Because of that, you’ve likely put a lot of pressure on yourself. You want things to be perfect.

In this blog, you’ll learn some tips on launching your album so that it can do the best it possibly can! Your album deserves it!

Make Sure Your EPK is up-to-date

If you don’t already know, an EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. It is essentially a document that showcases who you are as a musician. If you don’t already have one, check out this blog to get started.

An EPK is essential to any musician that wants to be seen as a professional. It is also vital for getting good press and promotion, which is very important to the release of your new album. If you’re releasing anything, you want the press to write about it. An EPK increases those chances immensely, especially if you’re a relatively new musician.

“The press doesn’t want to waste their time searching all over the internet for information about you. If you’re a smaller, relatively unknown musician, they won’t feel it’s worth their resources to do all that searching. That’s why you need to make it easy for them with an EPK.” – Remix

Press is vital to an album drop, so that means so is your EPK.

Release a Single

For a successful album release, you want people to already be intrigued and excited for it. To do this, you need to release a single from your album in advance of the release. You want this to be what you think is your strongest, catchiest song on the album.

“Create a special poster or online graphic for the launch of the single with the artist name, song title, release date of single, and—in smaller font—the release date for the full album (and maybe change your web headers, banners, and profile images to get the word out about your new song).” – DIY Musician

Take time to get people excited about your single. If they love it, make sure they know you have an album coming soon. Giving people a taste of what’s to come gives you fans of the music before you’ve even launched your album. If they’re excited about it, they’ll start sharing it and giving you free promotion in the months leading up to your launch.

Be Sure to Start a Pre-Order Campaign

Pre-orders build-up traction when launching an album while also giving you a call to action for whatever interviews or other press you have for it. If someone hears you on a radio interview and is interested in your music, they might forget about it by the time it’s out. If they hear you say “Pre-order my album at_____!”, then they’re reminded that they have the opportunity to get it before they forget. Life is busy and it’s easy for people to forget about things if they don’t have a direct action to take up.

“Setting up a pre-order is the first step in promoting your album. You can get some buzz generated early by having the album available ready for pre-order, and it allows you to accept orders as soon as you start promoting the release.” – Bandzoogle

When it comes to Spotify, instead of a pre-order campaign, ask people to follow you on Spotify. It’s better than pre-save for Spotify’s algorithm.

Get Press Involved However You Can

If you’re releasing an album, you want to reach out for press opportunities and take every single good one that you get. Reach out to radios, bloggers, journalists, influencers and more. Promote your album on as many platforms as you can, especially social media.

“Of course, social media is likely the best marketing tool out there. Nearly everyone has a profile on some sort of social media platform. Social media is the best way to gain exposure and spread your music.” – Remix

Of course, along with all of this, when releasing an album you need to make sure you give yourself lots of time to make promotional content, set up your distribution, and create awareness of your music, but if you genuinely care about your music you’ll give it the time and effort. When the time comes, your album will be great!

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