Tips for Musicians on Instagram

As a musician you need to be on Instagram. It’s strange not to see a musician you like on social media. Do you know why? It’s because Instagram is one of the best ways to get your name and your music out there. It’s also a great place to interact with your fans.

Social media in general is vital for artists, but it can seem like a lot of work. But the work to do well on Instagram is most definitely worth it, though, if you’re using it right. Here are some tips to help you!

Make Sure You’re a Business Account

Instagram gives you the option of being a personal account or a business account. If you’re not set to a business account already, make sure you convert to one as soon as possible. Along with being taken more seriously, as a business account, you get to unlock some features that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise, such as analytics and direct contact buttons. These are tools that’ll certainly be useful to you.

Here’s how you switch to a business account:

  • Go to your profile and click on the three lines at the top right corner.
  • From there, click on settings, then click on account.
  • At the bottom of that screen, you’ll see a button that says “Switch to Professional Account.” Click on that.
  • It’ll give you a bunch of categories you can pick from, including a musician one. Click on whatever one you want and choose whether you want it displayed on your profile. You probably do. It’ll let people know you’re a musician at first glance.
  • You’re done!

“Getting access to Instagram Insights is one of the biggest perks of switching from a Personal to a Business profile. […] Instagram Insights provides a breakdown of your Instagram performance, including new followers, profile views, impressions, number of posts, reach, website clicks, and email clicks — all super valuable insights to aid your growth.” – Later

Use Your Bio to Its Fullest Potential

Your Instagram bio is your opportunity to say whatever you want people to know about you in 150 characters or less. That few characters can feel a bit limiting, but it’s there for a reason. People will judge you very quickly. They don’t want to read a super long bio, so Instagram doesn’t even give you the option. Think of it as your elevator pitch, it challenges you to create and sell your brand in as few words as possible.

Make each piece of info in your bio short and format it so it’s visually appealing. Don’t make it one solid paragraph. Add line breaks and emojis. Make it fun, yet informative.

One of the most important parts of your bio is the link. Instagram isn’t a big fan of links and gives you very few opportunities to include them (they don’t allow them in your posts and they only allow them in stories after you’ve hit a certain number of followers). Your bio is the best opportunity Instagram gives you to share a link, so don’t limit it to just one! Use tools such as URL.BIO or so that people have something to click on where they can find multiple links, such as a link to your Spotify, your latest music video, and your website.

“Make sure to mention “link in bio” when you post something about it.” – Ditto

Use Geotags

Geotags on Instagram help to elevate your reach on your posts, so use them as much as you can! There are three places you use geotagging in. They are:

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Hashtags

These all help people to find you while also making you show up in more searches. Plus, people that are from that location love to see where they’re from on other people’s posts. It heightens the chances of them being interested in you and then checking out your music!

“Geotagging the concert venue, city, or tour location will always get you more engagement on social media. You can be very specific and tag right down to the latitude and longitude if you want (just remember to be safe!). You can also look up location tags where you just had a show to see what fans are saying about you afterward – a great opportunity to crowdsource feedback!” – Remix 

There are so many uses for Instagram as a musician and so many things you can do to elevate your account. Spend the time creating some interesting and unique content and make sure you’re posting often and with consistency. You have to genuinely care about what you’re posting if you want other people to care about it too! It’s worth the extra work to make content you love with tools that are going to elevate it!

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