The Types Of Singles You Should Be Releasing On Social Media

One of the benefits of social media is that you can release singles and exclusive content whenever you want. Gone are the days when you had to wait until you had an entire album worth of music in order to release a single track.  

The brilliant people over at DIY musician compiled a list of the 10 types of singles in a recent article. So we’d like to take a deeper dive into the ones that will work best for your social media strategy.

The Lead Single

This is the first song that you plan to release from your upcoming album. Releasing your lead single on social media will set the stage for your fans to know what to expect in the coming months.

Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran famously teased their collaboration on Instagram. Things could not have gone any better as “I Don’t Care” crept it’s way up to becoming the 2019 song of the summer even before it’s official release.

The Bonus Content Single

“After the big album splash, you want to maintain momentum on streaming platforms. In the year following your album release, it’s good to put out several “bonus” tracks, such as remixes, alternate mixes, demos, or acoustic takes.” – DIY Musician

Gaining traction on social media is all about the initial engagement that your content receives. Bonus content takes your audience by surprise and gets them excited – they are much more likely to seek out, share and engage with it.

The Collaboration Single

Collaborations are a win for everyone involved!

You could do a guest appearance on someone else’s song, or they could appear on one of yours. Either way, it will get you both extra attention.

“Similar to remixes, an original collaboration gives you a great way to take creative chances and reach beyond your existing audience (because the same track will reach the other artists’ fans too).”  – DIY Musician

This type of collaboration was how Luis Fonsi’s Despacito became the most popular youtube video of all time.

Collaborations work as another form of bonus content as well. They can bring new life to your music as you share behind the scenes recordings, selfies and teasers on social media to get your fans excited about new collabs.

The Live Cut Single

Behind the scenes and live content is social media gold. It’s spontaneous and it captures a moment in time that can never be repeated again.

“Not every song you release has to be a studio-quality gem. Got a live recording with a good vibe? Put it out!” – DIY Musician

We often forget how many of the greatest songs of all time were concert recordings that somehow made their way to radio and streaming services. Here’s a list from Live About of the top 10 live hit songs to help jog your memory.  

The Cover Song Single

It’s important to engage with your fans on social media when you’re in between albums, tours and even single releases.

“Covering existing songs has always been a smart way to attract new listeners. You take a proven song and add your own spin to it.” – DIY Musician

Cover songs are a popular way for musicians to create content on social media that they know will garner attention. They have a built in audience and sometimes the original artist will be flattered and even share your version with their fans.

Just make sure you know your permissions with cover songs and never try to make money off of someone else’s intellectual property.  

Some parts of the music promotion ecosystem are still slow-going. Putting your single out the usual way and getting it on the radio or featured in movies can be tedious. So, while social media can’t replace some of the old-school music promotion tactics, try pairing the two strategies for the perfect combination!  
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