The Top Music Marketing Tools

All musicians, no matter how long they’ve been in the business or how many fans they have, need to know how to market their music. Even the most famous musicians have strategies to market their music—but they also have entire teams to use music marketing tools.

Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on marketing like world famous musicians have. There are some other tools out there that you can use if you’re just beginning. Here are some of the best ones!

Mailing Lists

People don’t talk about mailing lists that often, but they can be such an useful tool when marketing your music. The reason people don’t talk about it much or about how useful it is, is because they’re not using it right.

“For the average artist, the mailing list is that thing you put in the back of the room on your semi-professional-looking merch table. You don’t encourage people to sign up, and your average fan doesn’t even know you have one. What’s worse is that you rarely use it, and you probably send out one newsletter update every four months or so. // That’s a big mistake, because your mailing list is the single most important marketing tool you have.” – Bandzoogle 

It’s easy to think “I can just use social media. I don’t need to bother with a mailing list.” Don’t listen to that voice! Social media is essential for marketing, but not if that’s all you’re doing. So much happens on social media that it’s hard for people to keep track of everything in their feeds. A mailing list ensures that the people that are invested in your music can easily find out everything they need to know.

Plus, getting an email is a lot more special than seeing a post while scrolling through your feed. It makes people feel like a part of something, which makes them more invested in your music.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists provides you with the tools to optimize your performance on Spotify itself. One of the most important parts of this is Spotify playlists.

“Playlist additions are the lifeblood of Spotify performance, and Spotify for Artists gives you a direct channel to pitch your music to Spotify’s editorial team, leveling out the playing field for independent artists out there.” – Soundcharts

Spotify playlists are one of the best tools to get your music out there. This includes pitching your music to official Spotify playlists as well as making your own.

Some tips on making Spotify playlists that get more streams are:

  • Understand what listeners want or need
  • Be original
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Choose a proper title
  • Make it searchable

Soundcharts is a music analytics tool. It gives you the data that will help you to figure out the best marketing strategy for your music as well as help you figure out what is and what isn’t working.

According to the Soundcharts blog itself, Soundcharts lets you see the performance of other musicians across the industry including:

  • Social media performance
  • Steaming consumption metrics and playlist exposure
  • Thousands of digital charts, from TikTok and Instagram Stories to Shazam and YouTube
  • Real-time radio airplay data from over 1700 major stations in 69 countries
  • Online media mentions

Analytics are important in any marketing strategy, so it’s important to have the tools to learn as much as you can from them.

Social Media

Of course, social media is likely the best marketing tool out there. Nearly everyone has a profile on some sort of social media platform. Social media is the best way to gain exposure and spread your music. Just make sure you’re using it right. That includes having a consistent brand, posting a variety of content (not just promotional), engaging with people, and so much more.

Social media is the number one marketing tool and it’s vital that you’re on it. Combine that with the other marketing tools mentioned and you’re off to a great start!

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