The Importance of Non-Musical Content on a Musician’s Social Media

As a musician, what you post on social media should be all about your music, shouldn’t it? Nope! Fans listen to your music because they like it, but they follow you on social media because they want to know the person behind the music. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post at all about your music, it just means to show who the musician is along with it.

Non-musical content on social media is important for musicians to post and here’s why!

Being Yourself

Real fans want to know the real you behind your music. Music may be your greatest passion, but it’s not your whole life. Your fans want to see what you do in your day-to-day life. So, yes, post about the songs you’re writing that day, but don’t be afraid to post about that dinner with friends last night, or an adorable photo of your dog.

“In the past, online personalities were all about creating a facade, but now people want authenticity more than ever. This can come from big things like your opinions on world issues or your struggles in life at the moment, to small things like what you eat in a day or what you’re currently watching on Netflix. […] Your superfans want to get to know the artist behind the brand.” – Remix

Real people have lives outside of their jobs. Fans that only care about your music and not you wouldn’t be following you on social media. The people that have followed you followed you because they want to know more about you than just your music, so give them that!


Your fans may love your music, but if your social media profile is only about your music it’s not very relatable. Not all of your fans are musicians, too and social media is all about being able to relate to other people. If you only post about your music, there isn’t much a fan can look at and think “That’s so cool! I love that, too!”

Take Will Smith, for example. Sure he’s an A-list celebrity famous for acting and rapping, but that’s certainly not all he posts about. He posts about his life and adventures and has nearly 50 million Instagram followers for it. Even people as famous as him don’t have nearly as big as a following on social media and that’s likely due, in part, to his relatability.

“Another element that makes [Will] Smith so successful on social is his relatability. Sure, not many of us can directly relate to being a multi-millionaire global star and one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet. But like many of us, he has a family, he has overcome adversity and experienced his fair share of trials and tribulations.” – Viral Nation


Fans are way more likely to engage with you if you seem like a real person and not some picture-perfect image of a musician. When you’re posting about a variety of things (especially relatable things as mentioned before), fans will have more to say.

No matter how much they love your music, only commenting about that can get a little boring, both for your fans and for you. You certainly don’t want to be bored, especially when it’s absolutely necessary that you engage with them as well!

Of course, fans are going to want to talk about your music, too, but on social media, you need to be posting consistently. You can’t write new songs every day and posting about the same ones for days on end with nothing in between grows far too repetitive. People don’t want to engage with repetitive content. That’s where non-musical content comes in.

“Engagement breeds engagement. If users see you regularly liking and commenting on content, you will be pegged as someone worth engaging with. This tactic will have you seeing increased engagement in both the long and short term!” – Like A Voss

Posting about your music is vital for any musician on social media, but so is posting non-musical content, too. Successful musicians on social media find a balance between the two. They share themselves and their music, not just one or the other.

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