The Importance of Gaining Fans Organically

It may be tempting to get followers the “quick” way, but that sets you up for failure. The only way to get real fans is to get them organically and here’s why.

Number vs. Engagement

You don’t want to be one of those people that only get their followers out of spam-like tactics such as mass following, liking, and commenting, but that’ll only get you followers, not fans. A large number of followers is much less important than the quality of those followers. 100 super engaged, organically found fans is much better for you than 10 000 followers that don’t really care.

“The size of your audience on social media doesn’t matter if no one is paying attention. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that how many followers you have doesn’t really matter at all. So it’s time to stop paying attention to your follower counts on social media and instead, spend your time focusing [on] what really matters–social media engagement.” – Union Metrics

You want followers that genuinely like your content. Those are the ones that are going to engage with your music and go to your concerts and buy your merch. It’s very unlikely that someone who followed you just because you spam liked ten of their photos is going to do the same.

What People See

Eventually, it grows obvious when someone’s followers aren’t organic. Your follower count is high, but rarely anyone comments on your photos. People looking through your profilepeople who might be looking to follow youwill start to notice. It makes you look bad and makes organic followers more unlikely to follow you when you don’t look genuine. People look for authenticity and someone who has a massive amount of unengaged followers doesn’t fit that description.

“In the past, online personalities were all about creating a facade, but now people want authenticity more than ever.” – Remix

Having organic and engaged followers will encourage other people to follow you as well as keep people following you. 


Organic, engaged followers help build a sense of community that gets people to keep following you as well as making you seem like something desirable to follow. Building a community is vital for a musician, especially one that’s just starting out, and it’s something that can’t be done without organic followers.

“If you want to succeed on social media, you should focus your effort on what matters. But we don’t mean follower count or number of likes. We’re talking about authenticity, quality of content, and an attempt to provide your audience with real value.” – Remix

Focus on posting quality content that you genuinely care about. That will organically gain you the type of followers you wantones that care about the same things that you do. If you build a following around a genuine interest in the same thing, that’s what builds a community, not just by having followers.

Organic Follower Strategies

All this said, how do you gain organic followers? 

“You have to build an audience to cultivate an online community of brand supporters. You have to focus on your existing fans to gain new fans.” – Social Media Today

Here are some strategies:

  • Announce when you’re on a new social media platform on your pre existing ones so that those followers can follow you there.
  • Make sure you have social media icons on your website so that people you are interested in your music can find you at the click of a button.
  • Use your analytics to make sure you’re creating content that suits the types of people who tend to be fans of you.
  • Appreciate the fans you have. Create content for them. It will show that you genuinely care about your followers and when people see that they’ll want to follow you and be part of that, too.

If you want to get the most you can out of social media you need to gain fans organically. There aren’t any shortcuts to getting devoted, engaged fansonly strategies that’ll help get you there!

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