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1st Week of Co-op: Exciting Times!

I came to Kingston to study marketing at St. Lawrence College in the Interactive Marketing Communications program. I wanted to do this in order to further my education, increase my skill set, gain insight into leading marketing trends, and feed all that information into my music, and my career as a whole.

Taylor Mitchell

Week One: An Internship Story

As I embark on my journey through the uncharted territory of adulthood, I find myself feeling a little terrified, yet joyously overwhelmed by the unknown possibilities to come. The first stop on my journey has landed me at an internship at Remix.

Amanda Relyea-Voss

Get to know Amanda Relyea-Voss!

My name is Amanda Relyea-Voss, but I’ve gone by Mandi since I was in Grade 5. I thought it was cooler, but it turns out it didn’t help much! I’ve always been a bit of a loner, and a nerd, but once you get to know me I come out of my shell and show my true colours.


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