Spotify Personalized Editorial Playlists – What Artists Should Know!

In case you missed the memo, Spotify has made a change to the way users discover your music.

Until recently, we’ve been focusing mostly on editorial and algorithmic playlists. Now, there’s a third hybrid of the two that’s proving a positive move for users & artists.

Basically, any two users listening to the same list will have different experiences based on both algorithmic and editorial factors.

Here’s what you should know about the new personalized playlists:

Obviously… It’s Personal!

Some editorial lists like “Work Out”, “Study” and “Cook Dinner” are now personalized based on a listener’s taste. “This means all music has a better chance of getting into the ears of the right listeners.

“Our editorial team makes thousands of playlists, and tons of listeners tune into playlists pegged to specific moments in their day… But we know that everyone’s taste is different, and songs that one person may want to sing in the shower just might not make sense for everyone else…That’s why we’ve punched up our playlist ecosystem to make sure every listener is able to find the perfect song for each moment.” – Spotify Press Release

The Odds Are In Your Favour!

After discovering a song through editorial playlists, a user is 80% more likely to seek it out for a repeat listen.

“In fact, the average number of times a listener saves a track is up 66% – all of which is good news for artists.” – Spotify Press Release

There Is One Potential Drawback

Personalized editorial playlists have a set list of songs chosen by the Spotify team, but they also have adaptive tracks that are chosen through an algorithmic process based on individual listener habits.

“This means that if your song is added to an editorial playlist, it might not appear in every user’s personalized version.

This leaves many artists wondering how they can be sure that their songs will be on their fan’s version of the list.” – DIY Musician

And that leads us to the part we’re most excited about…

You Get Unique Links!

For 7 days after your song is added to a playlist, you get a personalized link that you can share. With this link, no matter where your song is in the list, for your audience, it will be first!


It’s another way for artists to still have control over sharing their music. “When songs get added to one of these playlists, an email notification gets sent to artists and their teams, so they can share the good news with fans.” – Spotify Press Release

Algorithms are great if you can hack them, but when you can’t, it’s always nice to know you can take a more manual approach.

Overall, It’s A Good Thing

The reviews are in! Users are having a good experience with the new personalized editorial lists!

“When we tested this new system with some of our listeners, we found that they were much more likely to listen longer.” – Spotify Press Release

List like “Your Daily Drive” are hyper-personal featuring snippets of local news, podcasts and the users favourite songs. These are getting rave reviews online since listeners feel like they are being given priority.

Personalized playlists put the listeners first, and as a creator, so should you! The new system encourages artists to take the reigns of their music promotion and lets them have more control over the editorial process. But with great power comes great responsibility, so get to sharing those links!

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