Social Media Contest Ideas for Musicians

As a musician in this day and age, you not only need to be on social media, but you need to know how to utilize it in ways that will get you seen the most and boost your engagement.

One amazing tool to do just that is a social media contest!

In this blog post, I’ll be covering some social media contest ideas that musicians can utilize.

Comment for a Chance to Win

Keeping it as simple as ‘comment for a chance to win’ can lead to a great turnout of participants. If someone has to do as little work as to comment and they still have a chance to win a prize, people will comment. Everyone loves a contest and you’ll love the increased engagement on your post.

“You can ask a question about anything and ask for your fans to comment.  Offer a simple prize and watch your comments section blow up.” – The Crafty Musician

Engagement is vital to any social media profile. Contests, especially ones like this, give engagement a huge boost.

Merchandise Giveaways

“Running a merch giveaway is a great way to grow your channel and to raise awareness about your merch store.” – Streamlabs

When the prize is your merch, it increases the chance of people buying it even if they did lose. The contest will have gotten your audience thinking about what it would be like to own that particular shirt or poster or album. When they lose, they’ll still be thinking about it and some will end up buying themselves the merch in the end.

With this type of contest, not only will you get the social media engagement benefits, but there is a chance that your merch sales will benefit as well.

Share to Your Story

Having a contest that involves people sharing a post of yours to their Instagram story is sure to increase your reach.

“You could tie competitions in with your release or show to build up the hype and gain more promotion. It is good to have a clear aim for a competition and not do it for the sake of it.” – Open Mic UK

If you tie in the release of a new album or song to a contest such as this, a lot more people will be aware of your album. People seeing their friend share a competition about your new album is bound to pique the curiosity of some of them enough for them to listen.

Tag Me in Your Photo Contests

In contests like this, you can ask your followers to post a photo of themself at a concert of yours, wearing your merch, listening to your music, etc. Then they tag you in that photo for a chance to win a prize—or even just for a group of winners’ photos to be put in a post of yours. You can even make a branded hashtag for the contest!

Just like the ‘share to your story contest’ this kind of contest gets your audience talking about you on their own social media platforms. Seeing photos of your fans genuinely enjoying your music, your concerts, your merch is bound to make you feel proud, too.

Also, when fans get to see the photos of other fans participating, it creates a feeling of unity. It may seem strange, but a bit of competition can actually do wonders for building a strong community.

It’s important for all of these contests that you’ve already established a strong brand for yourself. With an increased number of new people checking your platforms out, they need to quickly be drawn in and interested by what you have to offer.

A social media contest done right can do wonders for your platform’s engagement and reach. You should definitely give one a try. Remember, the prizes don’t have to be big. With these contests, simple is always best and it can be as small as giving away a free album download or a social media feature can be all you need for a successful contest.

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