Making Music Videos on a Budget

Music videos are great content for any musician—new or old, successful or just starting out. You want to have something to post on YouTube, something that will get your music noticed.

“YouTube is a great way to be seen. Artists have been discovered on YouTube many times, such as Shawn Mendes or Alessia Cara to name a couple. YouTube isn’t just for being discovered by labels but also being discovered by millions of fans.” – Remix

It can seem a bit daunting though, especially when you’re just starting out and you’re looking at music videos made by famous musicians on a budget of millions. Those music videos are great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make something beautiful on a very tight budget.

In this blog, you’ll find tips on how to create great music videos on a smaller budget. 

Have a Clear Concept

It’s essential that you spend the time to thoroughly think about exactly what you want this music video to be about. It makes planning things outand budgetingfar easier. When you know what you’re doing, what needs to be filmed, where it needs to be filmed then you save everyone’s time, and therefore you save money.

If your concept is clear and thought out, that makes it a lot easier to engage your audience and get them to keep watching without a bunch of expensive special effects to draw them in. An engaging story gets people’s attention and retains it far longer than fireworks and glitter.

“Let’s not forget the viral video by OK Go, a choreographed treadmill dance video shot in one shot with no edits. It ended up winning a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2007 despite its utter simplicity and barely existent budget.” – Music Digi

That video had a clear concept and was therefore able to make something great in a single shot, all because it was well thought through. Quality music and a quality concept trumps production quality.

Finding a Location

“Photography studios or event spaces advertised to be used for filming are often super expensive and reserved for big-budget shoots like film and TV. So if you don’t have a heap of cash to play with, you’re going to have to make do with what you’ve got.” – Amuse

Some musicians spend thousands of dollars just on a location to film, and even more if they’re filming in more than one location. All this money can be saved by simply finding free places to film.

Yes, you may not get to film in a psychedelic mansion or underwater in a pool the size of a football field, but that’s all fluff. What matters is the music and the story it’s telling. You can find some beautiful locations for free. They may not all be grand, but sometimes simplicity is far more beautiful.

You can make a great music video in your backyard or in a public park (just get a permit). Sometimes, even filming in your rehearsal space can be very engaging. It gives your audience a glimpse of your life.

Scale Things Back

It can be tempting to want to get all your friends involved to make your video look big and exciting and filled with people, but the more people, the more money. Even if they’re your friends and they’re there for free, managing more people takes up more of everyone’s time. Time is money, especially if you’re paying your crew members.

“Keeping things easy also means keeping things scaled.” – Native Instruments

This can’t be stressed enoughsimplicity is beautiful. Not only that, but it’s budget friendly.

You don’t need an entire crew, either. Just a few friends that know a thing or two about filming and editing. As long as you’re with talented and passionate people, you can make something great.

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