How to Run a Successful Pre-Order Campaign

Pre-order campaigns, or pre-save campaigns (like pre-ordering but for streaming platforms like Spotify), are vital to the success of your music. Not only does pre-ordering help to build up buzz for your upcoming music, but it also makes you look good on algorithms. This will increase your chances of entering the charts as well as make you more likely to be featured on algorithmic playlists like Spotify’s “Release Radar.”

“Pre-orders build-up traction when launching an album while also giving you a call to action for whatever interviews or other press you have for it.” – Remix

But, the question is, how do you run a pre-order campaign that actually works?

Timing Matters

Don’t launch your pre-order or pre-save campaign until your music is ready. Once you launch it, you have to be ready to release it to the world in a few weeks to a few months, but no more than that.

Your launch date needs to be far enough away that you have time to steadily gain traction for your new song or album, but not so far in the future that people start to forget about it and it loses traction. Go over a few months and your music will lose its momentum.

Consider a Competition

Running a competition can help gain you the pre-orders and pre-saves that you need to look good to algorithms and top charts.

There are lots of different options for competitions that you can run. You can tell your followers that if they share proof of pre-order, they’ll be entered into a draw to win a signed vinyl of your new album, or a feature on your song’s music video, or some free merch. You can say that the first twenty-five pre-orders will get free posters.

The competition doesn’t even directly have to involve someone pre-ordering your music to have an effect on your pre-orders. You can create a graphic to post that promotes your new music (as well as mentions pre-ordering it) and tell your followers that if they share it and tag you, that they’ll be entered to win a prize like the ones mentioned before.

“A good prize should be valuable enough to make entry worthwhile, and specific enough to your target audience that it will primarily drive entry from users who enjoy your music. // One approach you can take is giving away concert tickets, some of your albums, or some merchandise. Signing them can be an easy way to increase their value.” – Gleam

There are so many options for competitions that will help your pre-order campaign.

Make Sure You’re on Multiple Platforms

People listen to their music in all different ways and on all different platforms, the most popular of which are Spotify and Apple Music, so make sure your music is at least on both of those two.

Because of how many people stream their music now, it’s important that your pre-order campaign is also a pre-save campaign. Asking people to follow your artist profile on Spotify or to pre-save your song on Apple Music is just as important, if not more, as telling people to pre-order your song on iTunes or Google Play.

“A Pre-save is basically a Pre-order of a forthcoming musical release on a streaming site, such as Spotify or Apple Music. What a Pre-save does is basically give your fans the option to add your forthcoming release (whether it be a single, EP or album) to their libraries automatically as soon as it becomes available on release day.” – Music Gateway

If you want the launch of your new song or album to be big and successful, then you have to do the work and launch a successful pre-order campaign. Without pre-orders, your music has much lower chances of success. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your pre-order campaign today!

Have you ever run a pre-order campaign? Did it work? Let us know in the comments below!

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