How To Reach Your Fans Through Spotify Playlists!

Spotify playlists are the fastest way for new fans to discover your music – they reach listeners who already love you, and those who haven’t heard you yet! Editorial or curated lists are the perfect way to hone in on your genre, mood, vibe or musical niche, and algorithmic lists are specific to every listener. Curated playlists get all the attention and algorithmic playlists drive the streams. That is why it is important for up and coming musicians to have a solid strategy for both. These videos do an awesome job at explaining the difference between the two and what make them vital to your success on Spotify!

How Playlists Work

How to Get Playlisted

So, as you heard in the second video, you can not buy your way onto a playlist. If anyone offers you a “pay for play” or “pay for share” deal to get on a Spotify list, it’s a scam!

However, sharing your music is everything! The more you share your music, the better chance you have of getting on a playlist, staying on a playlist, and getting new fans!

Spotify gets up to 20,000 submissions of new songs a day, so it is best to get music submitted ASAP!

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