How To Hire A Social Media Manager (SMM) – For Musicians

If you’re a musician wondering how to hire a social media manager (SMM), you’ve come to the right place!

Assuming you’ve already mulled over all the reasons why you need a social media manager, now it’s time to take the next steps and get on with the hiring process! Woot!

Here are some things to consider:

Get Your Priorities Straight

It’s time to set some goals! In order to hire the perfect social media manager, you need to get your priorities straight. This means defining exactly what you want to get out of your social media presence and campaigns.

Are you trying to book more gigs?

Get A larger following?

Get More streams?

All of the above ?

Knowing this information will help you steer campaign objectives and your social media manager in the right direction.

Set Expectations ASAP!

Once you know your goals, make sure your SMM covers them, or can at least connect you with someone that can. Don’t just assume your manager knows what you’re thinking or can cover all of the services you require. Outline clear expectations so that there is no confusion.

Most SMMs will monitor comments, set up accounts, schedule posts and even help with online brand development, but not every manager will be able to help you promote merchandise, run contests and/or sell tickets online. This is important to consider since many of the aspects of band management that were once separate from social media are now integrated into the platforms themselves. So make sure your SMM has all the skills you require!

If you understand the exact scope of what your social media manager or management team can offer, your SMM hiring efforts will be more successful.

Ask For An Outline Of Your Brand Voice (Or Provide One)

Make sure that your social media manager can communicate your brand identity in a clear way. A good SMM will get to know your voice, and understand how to interact with fans on your behalf.

So either provide or ask for examples of content and captions to get a glimpse into whether or not they get what you’re all about.

Considering the extent to which your SMM will be taking over your accounts, this is a very important step!

Can They Control Multiple and New Channels?

Just because a social media manager is successful on one platform, does not mean that their skills will always translate to other channels.

A good SMM will have proven themselves on all the major platforms of the day and also have their eye on the ones on the rise.

It is important to be able to cross-promote and generate multi-channel buzz around your music, as well as be able to pivot over to any new channels as the old ones fall out of fashion.

Does Your Social Media Manager Have An Online Presence?  

Your social media manager better believe in what they’re selling. Have they used the tactics they are recommending on their own accounts? It should go without saying, but never hire a social media manager who hasn’t proven themselves in the real world.

Finding a social media manager that is right for you can be a frustrating process at times. The industry is pretty new and many of the best practices are not yet known to all. However, if you follow these tips and are thoughtful about the process, you will be able to hire the SMM that’s right for you!

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