How to Get Your Music Discovered by Different Audiences

A successful musician always wants to be discovered by new audiences, even if they already have one.

With so many talented musicians out there, it may seem that only the lucky are discovered and become successful, but that isn’t quite true.. It’s more a game of strategy. The musicians who wait for their bout of luck are the ones who are going to be waiting forever.

Here are some tips and strategies that you need to use if you want your music to be discovered by different audiences.

Don’t Trap Yourself in One Box

Often, a musician thinks they have to stick to what they know. If they already have an audience for their pop music, then that’s what they need to stick to, right? Nope. If you are inclined to try out a new genre then do it.

Take Taylor Swift, for example. She grew her career through country music, then decided to delve into pop music, and now, even though she has such a massive audience from those two genres, she didn’t stop there. Her recently released album Folklore falls into the alternative category.

“Despite the fact that Taylor is most well known as a pop star, the new album is actually categorized as an alternative on iTunes. Four of her previous records were classed as country albums, while she’s also dropped three pop albums.” – Canoe

Even one of the most well-known musicians in the world is still trying out new things that appeal to new audiences. If there is a genre of music you’ve wanted to try out but haven’t since it’s ‘not what you’re known for’ don’t let that stop you. A successful musician is always taking risks.

Get Put on Playlists

One of your songs appearing on popular playlists across all streaming platforms can be an absolute game-changer. So many people discover new music by listening to things like their Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. You want to get on there, but how?

According to Ditto Music to get on Spotify’s major playlist there are a couple of things you can do: pitch directly to Spotify via Spotify for artists and pitch to independent curators, but getting on Spotify’s Discover Weekly takes a different strategy.

“This playlist [Discover Weekly] is based entirely on that specific user’s music tastes, and is not put together by Spotify’s editorial staff, but instead by a clever algorithm which analyses individual listening habits and spits out similar songs that a certain user may not have heard before.” – Ditto Music

This means that you’ll want to encourage people that already listen to you to add your music to their playlists as well as you need to simply create great music. Spotify doesn’t just take into account how many streams your song has, but what’s more important is how many times your track is listened to all the way through, how many times it’s saved, shared, and added to other playlists.

Music and Social Media

Getting noticed by new audiences isn’t just about the music itself either. Your role on various social media platforms can play a major role in people finding out about you. If someone likes your Instagram and decides to follow you, they’re likely going to grow curious about your music and listen to that, too. That’s why your social media presence is an art in itself. You want to make it engaging and intriguing, be it through posting song lyrics to posting aesthetically pleasing images. Don’t forget to hashtag it all either!

Social media also goes hand in hand with your success on music streaming platforms like Spotify.

“Always think about social media as an avenue to drive regular traffic to your Spotify page. So remember to keep tabs on any cool studio sessions, film dates, interviews, or creative meetings and try to plan ahead to capture those standout moments that you can use in your social media posts.” – Remix

A successful musician doesn’t rely on pure luck. They work to be discovered, even when they already have an audience. Successful people are those who are always striving for more.

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