How To Capture & Promote A Live Musical Event On Social Media

Whether it’s a concert, festival or new EP launch, it can be tricky capturing and sharing live musical events on social media. 

However, the good news is that the onus isn’t completely on you to make your event go viral. 

With the right social media marketing plan, you can encourage your audience to share and post on the day of and even leading up to the event. So here are some ways to capture and promote a live musical event with social media. 

Use Social Media To Promote Your Event Beforehand

The months and weeks leading up to a live event are essential in how the event will play out on social media. 

So share official hashtags and branded posts with your followers to get them excited. You can even plan an influencer marketing campaign or run contests to sell and give away more tickets. 

On the day of your event, attendees that discovered you through social media will be more likely to share their experience online.  

Provide A Unifying Item Or Symbol Of Attendance

Provide your attending audience with something like a branded tee, bracelet, hat etc. Something tangible they can wear with pride and showcase to their followers and the world. 

Coachella bracelets have become something of a status symbol and enthusiastic concertgoers are readily sharing them on social media. There have even been instances with influencers faking attendance with counterfeit wristbands, proving just how powerful the feeling of inclusion can be. 

Not only does this tactic give you free event advertising, but it also creates a sense of unity to all who were there. 

Find Ways To Include Those Not In Attendance

Events like internet sleepovers and all-nighters for charity are inherently social media friendly for all in attendance. But if your audience is unable to attend online, there are still ways you can make them feel included. 

Some events will send out packages with press items, t-shirts or other interactive materials that non-attendees can post and share on social media. 

Not everyone can attend your event live. So like the wristbands or hand stamps that prove you were there live, promotional items can make those not in attendance also feel like part of the crowd. 

Promote Ways To Share At The Event

Post social media handles, sponsors and hashtags in visible places and make sure to encourage sharing on the day of the event. 

You can run 24hr contests to ensure that posts are uploaded in a more timely manner or offer more incentives to encourage sharing. 

Check out our tips on how to encourage more user generated content!

Go Live!

Nothing says real-time capture like going live on social media. 

“Broadcasting live video has become a powerful tool for brands, businesses, and influencers alike. In fact, Facebook recently stated that live video generates 6x more interactions than regular video.” –

Capturing the energy of a live event on social media is all about translating real life events to online. Through a mix of authentic and real-time interaction, you can use your audience to spread the word and build hype before, during and even after your live event!
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