How Musicians Use Other Social Channels To Drive More Views On YouTube

Do you want more people to discover your music on YouTube? Then you should be cross promoting!

There is no reason why your fan’s first point of contact has to be your YouTube channel.

If you engage your community on other platforms and link through to your YouTube channel, you’re bound to get more associated views. YouTube is great for 3-5 minute music videos, but these are too long for other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Tip: Try cutting down content to below 60 seconds, or making a highlight reel with a call to action encouraging fans to check out your channel.

Here are some more ways to connect across your audience networks:

Connect With Other Artists In Your Genre Or Niche

You have similar fans, so why not bring them all together? All the biggest content creators know that showing mutual love to other artists is the best way to grow audiences. When you’re not afraid to spread the love, your fans pick up on it and they are much more likely to be supportive of you and your work. So join that online community, start a Facebook group for musicians, and DM that band you just can’t get enough of!

Live Stream & Tease In Your Stories!

When you make unique content that matters to your audience, you get views! Live streaming yourself playing a song or setting up for a show is an awesome way to let your fans in on the process. You’d be surprised at what fans and other musicians will respond to, and sharing authentic, in the moment content will always get you clicks and engagement. You can also promote your live stream on your other social accounts to direct traffic. Letting your audience know you’ll be “live in 5” or that you’re “setting up for a big gig” is a great way to get them interested in new content.

Check Your Metrics

Cross promoting your YouTube channel is all about directing traffic from one platform to another.  So it helps to have a solid understanding of some key metrics. Knowing when your audience is likely to be online to see a post and the formats they respond to will help you better funnel traffic.

Tailor Your Content To The Platform

When cross-promoting, remember to tailor each piece of content to the best practices of the platform you are sharing on. Don’t simply hit the “share” button without proper formatting simply because it’s there. Sharing content that does not fit the platform it’s on is a sure-fire way to decrease rather than increase engagement.

And last but not least…

Build A True Audience (On Every Platform)

100 super-fans that engage with your content regularly and follow calls to action are better than 100k fans that don’t. Focus your attention and content on the views that matter long-term. It’s awesome to “go viral” every now and then, but any real content strategist will tell you that it is a near impossible KPI to build a campaign around. So take it slowly and trust in the process!

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