How Musicians Can Use Their Influence On Social Media

Are you a musician wondering how to use your influence on social media?

The best part of being an influential artists on social media is that you get to use your position to share the spotlight with brands and causes you believe in.

So, beyond racking up likes and calculating ROI, here’s how musicians can use their influence on social media.

Use Your Influence To Shed Light On Specific Causes

Align yourself with causes, charities and nonprofits that you support and respect and get your followers to take action in the real world.

“Social causes always have a range of statistics [and] the community is most often unacquainted with these facts and figures. Come up with infographics, charts, and creative images that will make effective posts to engage the community as well as enlighten them about the basis of your cause.” – Center For Social Impact

So use your influence online to make a difference in the world beyond social media. Music has long been used to promote social change. Here are nine ways your peers are using social media for social good

Use Your Influencer To Promote What You Really Love

Most reputable artists will tell you that one of the perks of getting to a place of influence is that you get to be picky about what you promote.

Your audience has an ability to catch on when you are not being true to yourself. So whether it’s ideas or products, provide your audience with value by using your influence to promote brands and services you genuinely love!

As a social media influencer, you will get brand deals and collaborations thrown at you from every direction, and it’s up to you to be discerning – you no longer have to settle!

Use Your Influence To Inspire Your Audience Every Day

Social media has amplified a musician’s ability to spread their message.

Your audience is following you because they like the way your mind works. They love your vibe and take what you have to say seriously.

So whether it’s through the sharing of lyrics, thoughtful captions or your favorite quote, you can use social media to keep your audience positive and inspired on the daily!

Use Your Influence To Cut Out The Middleman

Most artists will tell you that one of the most empowering aspects of social media is that you no longer need permission to release your work or ideas.

Contracts, permissions and red tape are a thing of the past. At Remix, we’re all about helping you leverage the power of direct-to-fan marketing!

While a good strategy can help you get your message across more effectively, being true to yourself and authentic in your voice is always the way to go. Whether it’s clips, sneak peaks or behind the scenes content, you can now use social media to give fans direct access!

In a rapidly changing music industry, online influence is where it’s at. You can take matters into your own hands and impact the way your audience interacts with your music and the world around them. What could be more inspiring!?

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