How Musicians Can Use Instagram Stories to Connect with Their Fans

Connecting with your fans is vital and in this day and age, using social media to do that is a must for any musician. The question is… how?

One way to connect with your fans is through Instagram stories. You have a lot of freedom to explore different content and use different tools and features on your Instagram story to see what your fans connect with.

This blog is here to teach you some of the best strategies you can try to connect with your audience through your stories. Without further ado, here they are:

Using Instagram Polls for Fan Participation

Instagram stories have a poll feature where your fans can vote on four different answers to a question or topic. Features such as this allow for your fans to feel like they’re getting involved even if it’s just the touch of a button. The difference between just seeing a story versus getting to add your input is much more effective in connecting with people than it seems.

Not only that, but you get to benefit as well! By getting your fans to vote on different things from “Which of these four songs is your favourite?” to “What t-shirt design do you prefer?” you get valuable insight into what your fans like. Using this, you can better cater your music, merch, and social media posts for them.

Use Your Stories to Share Exclusive Content

By sharing exclusive content on your Instagram stories, such as a snippet of a new song or a sneak peek at a new merch design, your fans get to feel special. The short lifetime of Instagram stories helps with that. Since they’re only up for 24 hours, your fans get to feel like they are now part of an exclusive group that knows something that less dedicated fans wouldn’t. This, in turn, makes them feel much more connected to you and invested in your music.

“Try sharing coupon codes for discounts on merch or two-for-one deals where fans can get two stickers for the price of one. Another option is to give Story viewers early access to content; you could share a direct link to an unlisted YouTube video before you make it public.” – Soundfly

Don’t Exclusively Post About Music

It sounds strange, but if you want to connect with your fans you can’t only post about music. To really connect with them you have to seem like a real person. By only posting music content you seem more like a company and less like a normal person they can relate to.

Use your Instagram story to share snippets of your life. If you saw something gorgeous while out for a walk, post it to your story! If your cat is looking extra adorable this morning, post it! Post hard things, too. If you’re having a bad day, don’t pretend you aren’t on your story. Everyone has bad days. By sharing your troubles, you seem more real and relatable which is a lot easier to connect to.

“Real people have lives outside of their jobs. Fans that only care about your music and not you wouldn’t be following you on social media. The people that have followed you followed you because they want to know more about you than just your music, so give them that!” – Remix

Instagram stories are a great tool for you to use to connect with your audience. They’re so much fun, too! They’re your place to be yourself and connect with your fans, so take advantage of that and try some of these strategies out!

What’s your favourite thing to do on your Instagram story? Have you found other strategies that help you connect with your fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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