How Musicians Balance Social Media While On Vacation

Need a break from life but don’t want to leave your social media fans hanging? We get it!

Social media is just like any other part of your business that you need to tend to before you leave on vacation. But balance is important. So we’ve put together these tips that make sure your followers remain happy and that you get to take a break!

Tell Your Audience

Audiences tend to be more understanding of a lapse in content if you simply tell them that you’re taking time off. So rather than drop off the radar without warning, let your audience know you’ll be away.

Especially If you’re someone who posts daily, telling your fans will save you from all of the “are you alright?” DMs many celebs get when they go MIA.

Fans will also be excited in anticipation of the possibility that you’ll post a vacation pic! 😉

Post Leading Up To You’re Trip

Get your followers excited for you by sharing the planning process. Snaps of your suitcase, pics of outfit choices or skin-care products all make great social media content!

Need more motivation to share your trip? Set up an influencer collaboration with a sunglass or swimwear brand! This will give you a reason to share more content since you won’t have to worry about what to post.

Set A Limit

There is nothing worse than going on a vacation only to feel like you didn’t get a chance to relax. So set a limit on what you share and on the amount of time you spend on social media.

Some apps like Instagram even let you set a daily reminder and will nudge you when you’ve exceeded it.

Post Quick & Easy Content

Save yourself from having to edit pictures and write captions by posting content that isn’t labour intensive (i.e. lives, snaps and, BTS sneakpeaks).

Especially if you’re on a creative retreat, you can let fans in behind the scenes and share clips of what you’re working on.  

Posting spontaneous or live content is a great way to keep your fans entertained with little effort. From start to finish, behind the scenes content is quick, fun and easy – you’ll be back to hammock naps in no time!

Leave Everything With Your Social Media Manager (a.k.a Us!)

Okay, we’re a bit biased here, but this is what we do! Freeing up your time so you can do what you do best is our motto! Even if what you’re doing best at the moment is sipping on a Mai Tai 1000 miles away, leave the rest up to us!

Need to completely unplug for 3 days? We got you! Before you leave, we’ll help you plan post and schedule content so that you don’t have to stress about inactivity during your days off.

Don’t have a social media manager yet? What are you waiting for? Read our blog about why you need one now!

Handling your social media while on vacation is all about freeing up time and automating processes so that you don’t have to think too much. With these tips, you’ll be able to relax and unwind whilst still keeping your fans in the loop!

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