How Hashtags Work On YouTube And Why You Should Be Using Them

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your content making it easier for people to find it. 

“The first use of a hashtag in social media is thought to be from Chris Messina, a former Google employee, who was trying to figure out how to organize groups of messages on Twitter. His tweet asked other Twitter users how they felt about using # for groups.” – Shortstack

Hashtags are essentially keywords that allow users to find you when searching on the platform. For example, if you include the hashtag  #festival in your content and a user is searching for summer festivals to go to using that hashtag, they will likely stumble upon your post.  

Hashtags are important for optimizing your content so potential fans find you. With users uploading 300 hours of video a day on YouTube, it’s easy for your content to get lost when you’re trying to get people to view it.

This can be a bit overwhelming when you are initially figuring out the world of hashtags but we will be breaking down why its beneficial to use hashtags and how that will translate to getting more viewers on your Youtube channel.

How Hashtags Work On YouTube

YouTube hashtags work the same way they do on other social platforms like Twitter or Instagram. You must use hashtags that are relevant to the content you are uploading. You can also find trending topics and video categories and create content that fits within those sections. If you’re curious to learn more about YouTube’s hashtag policy, check this out!

If a video is trending, YouTube will add hashtags on top of the video title which indicates the number it’s currently trending. This area is where you can put your video’s hashtags to show people where they can find related videos. You can also put your hashtags into the video description. 

As your video hashtags are navigating other users to similar topics, they also act as a way to bring new users back to your videos and become a new subscriber! 

“People actually search on YouTube using hashtags as their keyword. So when you optimize your video around that hashtag, you can rank for those hashtag searches. Finally, just like with normal YouTube tags, hashtags help YouTube better understand your video content.” – Backlinko

Why You Should Use Hashtags on Youtube

Great SEO is one of the main reasons you should be using hashtags on your Youtube channel.

If you are practicing search engine optimization correctly then your videos will be easier for users to find as they will likely rank higher in search results.

Think about it, hashtags are like adding a red flag to your post, so that anyone searching in that area can see the flag and find you right away.

As a musician, using hashtags will allow fans to find you and discover your music. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and while you might have music uploaded onto it, it doesn’t mean everyone is seeing it. Hashtags will help users find your latest music videos or songs when they are searching.

“YouTube tags are important because they help YouTube grasp your video’s content and context. This way, YouTube can understand your video’s topic and category, and associate it with similar content, which can amplify your video’s reach.” – Hubspot

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