How Fans Of Your Music Engage Online

Social media is no longer a side dish in an artist’s career. It is the lifeblood of the entire music industry.The Tennessean

Do you ever wonder how your fans are interacting with your music online? Did you know that more than a third of online users pay for a subscription music service?

Understanding the behaviour of your fans online is an important part of engaging them and growing a massive community of support. Fans are posting snaps at concerts, following and tagging you on Facebook and Instagram, and asking live questions on Twitter.

Of all the types of content we are posting about on social media, music remains one of the most popular. Check out this infographic by Music Watch Music about where your fans are and what they’re doing online:

We all love posting about music because it keeps social media fresh. Content surrounding music is live, shareable, infectious and has a lot of meaning. Songs remind us of that road trip we took, that celebration we were part of, and all those epic moments in life that are worth sharing!

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