Hey, Musicians! Are You Making Use Of Influencer Marketing?

Did you know that influencer marketing is one of the most popular ways for musicians to market their music?

Influencer marketing for musicians is all about leveraging the attention of other people’s audiences to gain exposure and awareness. For musicians, it’s never been easier to zero in on your target market, find like-minded collaborators in your niche and set yourself up to go viral!

So, if you’re a musician looking to use influencer marketing to your advantage, here’s what to do:

Know Your Influencers (Narrow & Broad)

Before you can begin using influencer marketing, you have to identify who the thought leaders are in your musical niche.

Attend events and venues where you know musical influencers hang out, and get to know your community. Then start making a list of all the online creators you admire in your genre and city. These are the influencers you can work with in depth since you can build relationships in person.

You’ll also want to have an eye on the broader musical influencers and content creators online. Musical influencers often like and share and promote tracks from multiple genres, so don’t be afraid to cast a wider net in your search.

Once you have a list of the musical influencers you want to work with, start connecting!


Collaborate In Depth With Your Fellow Influencers!

Guess what? If you’re a musician who has built up a loyal following on social media, you’re an influencer in your own right! Build relationships with other influencers and leverage the power of your combined audiences to lay the groundwork for mutual long-term success!

Try doing something fun, like a song mash-up, funny video or giveaway. Even if neither of you have new music coming out at the moment, you will always gain fans and respect if you aren’t afraid to share the spotlight with your peers!

Get Video Placements On Non-Music Channels

What do makeup artists, fitness instructors or travellers have in common? They all use music in the background of their videos – that music can be your music!  

If people hear a song that they like in the background of their favourite influencer’s video post, they will seek you out and discover your music.  

The music business is an industry that can always gain through broader market targeting. Influencers in every category, need songs in the background of their tutorials, daily vlogs, podcasts and more. So, don’t be afraid to offer your music for use in video content, since you never know who might be listening!

Know The Best Platforms For Musical Influence

Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular platforms for long-form collaborations and influencer marketing, while tik tok (formally known as musical.ly) are great for short-form, spontaneous content like lip sync or dance challenges.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always keep an eye out for new platforms that are on the rise.

Embrace The Uncertainty  

All the biggest songs of the last few years have one thing in common, they were popularized by the help of influencers! Big YouTube creators did covers of their songs, stars with large followings re-tweeted their content, or their tracks were heard by the right influencer at the right time. But once social media and the general public get a hold of something, it’s out of the original creator’s hands. So at a certain point, when you work with influencers, you are going to have to let go, embrace the uncertainty, and trust the collaborative process.  

Musicians often struggle with influencer campaigns because they think they need a cool physical product to show off or new music to release. But with these tips in mind, you don’t need anything but a desire to be social to start leveraging the power of influencer marketing today!

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