Go ‘live’ to Connect to Your Fans During COVID-19

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” ― George Eliot

In the wake of COVID-19, the whole world is trying to connect with one another while trying to stay safe by physical distancing. All events that appeal to large crowds are canceled for the foreseeable future while each country is trying to contain the virus.

Where does that leave musicians? The pandemic has caused thousands of artists with canceled concerts to find other ways to connect with their audiences and entertain millions of fans. 

From local musicians to Hollywood names, artists are starting to use social media to go live with their fans by hosting at home concerts of their greatest hits or even sharing moments of their day, and even answering fan questions. 

An artist who took to Instagram live, Chris Martin from Coldplay propped his phone up and played some of the band’s best hits for all of his followers to listen to as they sent comments while the live performance went on. 

Why go LIVE? 

Musicians are used to doing live events to entertain their fans and be able to communicate and ‘hang out’ with their audience in-person. Due to COVID-19 people are no longer allowed to leave their homes, which means that musicians need another outlet to connect with their fans besides streaming their pre-recorded music. 

Going live for musicians also means letting their fans get a real-world look of their lives, and lets them connect in a very intimate way while playing at home. In a land of filters and effects, users are always looking for ‘the real’ and the authentic side of social media.

Artists sitting back and playing music in such a raw setting really allows their audience to connect with them on a deeper level and create a more intense bond.

“In isolation, the music feels more necessary than usual. Fans know that, and musicians know that. This is why many artists in quarantine are finding other ways to perform “live,” via platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and rallying around hashtags like #TogetherAtHome”. – vox.com

How do you go LIVE?

Networking sites like Facebook and Instagram make it easy by allowing users to open up their laptops or phone and hitting “go live” right at the moment.

Facebook Live 

Facebook live allows musicians to stream themselves live for all of their followers to see – right from their profile. Facebook Live allows fans to comment during the live broadcast so the person performing live can interact with them and start a conversation in real-time. 

Here are some tips on how to have a successful Facebook live stream:

  1. Make sure you have a strong wifi connection, If the connection is low your viewers will have a fuzzy and unsynced voice to listen to during the performance. 
  1. Let your fans know ahead of time when and what time you will be going live, like a concert they may want to re-schedule their day to watch their favourite musicians put on a show!
  1. Facebook prioritizes longer videos, so its important to stay live for more than 3 minutes. The longer the show, the more Facebook will prioritize your video so new listeners can see you are live and join in the fun. 
  1. Be creative and have fun with your online show! Your fans are stuck at home and are wanting an escape from the reality of COVID-19 and they’re new work-life, They look up to your influence as a way to cope. You as well need a creative escape so why not channel it into your fans! 

Instagram Live 

Instagram live allows musicians to go live from the press of a button on their smartphone. The live show allows fans to engage right on-screen while the performance goes on. Artists can message back or verbally answer questions in between songs. Instagram live also allows musicians to have others join the live stream and share the screen to even further connect with fans or other artists almost like a real concert!

Here are some great tips to make sure you have the best Instagram live performance. 

  1. Instagram live only saves recordings for 24 hours. If you want to keep your live performance you will have to save it to your camera roll. You can also repost it on your feed you can add it into a story highlight or post the video into IGTV.
  1. Like Facebook, letting your fans know ahead of time when your going live will help with numbers. Instagram will alert all your followers when you have gone live to give them an extra reminder. 
  1. Say hi! Don’t forget to interact with your audience. Your fans love listening to you play but they’ll also love hearing you talk about upcoming projects, your life and your opinion on how we can all come together during this pandemic. 
  1. Instagram also allows you to add filters and other settings into your live stream. You can also filter comments to keep the negativity out by going into settings from Instagram live. 

We all know the main purpose of going live is to get back to music, so we hope these tips will help you have a smooth & fun transition when going ‘live’ for the first time! 

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