Get to know Melanie Simpson!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Melanie Simpson and I am a social media strategist at Remix.

Growing up, I had a real talent for trying new things (but not necessarily “finishing them”- which my two older brothers and family loves to dwell on – but I like to think of it as ‘trying’ not ‘quitting’).

In terms of musical talents, I tried my hand at Piano, Guitar, Drumming, ukulele, (mandatory recorder) and singing. I have to admit, I was never really good at any of the above – except for one. I took vocal lessons for a few years, and actually had a pretty good voice for a youngster. I was cast as Juliette in the school play and sang an original song I wrote from a balcony, with 200+ people watching.

After this, teachers caught wind that I wasn’t the worst sounding kid, and asked me to join music clubs, and enter silly competitions. One of my favourites was our school’s version of “American Idol” – but with a very different set of rules. We had to sing a new song in front of the class, then teach the entire music class the song, and then perform it again as a group. I, never wanting to do anything too generic, decided to learn and teach the class a Filipino song called “Bahay Kubo”- which is a Tagalog folk song I learned from my childhood Nanny. Long story short, I ended up winning our school’s singing contest. Not to brag – but the prize was pretty sweet, a treble clef tree ornament from the dollar store (which I still have to this day ….in a drawer somewhere).

As I got older, and I could hear the sound of my own voice played back to me, I knew I had a very average voice and didn’t want to do anything further with it. Singing is now a thing I only do alone, and usually with wine involved (singing alone – not the drinking haha). I love that now I can help talented musicians who are making a career in the industry get one step closer to their goals.

Fast-forward to post secondary school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I dove head first into my major (English Language and Literature) and minored in Religious Studies. Why religions? Because the courses were super interesting and allowed me to learn about the numerous cultures and religions that make up our world without feeling so ignorant to the cultures around me (seriously, I took a course on the apocalypse – with a section about Obama as the antichrist – real story).

After university, I attended St. Lawrence College for a graduate program in Interactive Marketing Communications. College was an entirely different experience than university, in an awesome way.

I loved working with actual clients, and moving away from ONLY learning theory (not actual skills). Part of my program included a 6-week placement in a marketing position at a company of your choice. I knew I wanted to stay in Kingston for my placement – so I began doing interviews locally. I landed a placement on my first interview, but it ended up being revoked as the company actually went under. I began lining up 3 interviews the following week, and was left in the hard position of actually having 3 placement offers.

I decided to go with Like A Voss Social Media, because I felt like I would be learning a ton with a smaller company – and I got an awesome vibe from the owner – Amanda. The rest is history! My internship ended and I was offered a paid position at the company, which I jumped on. Like a Voss has now expanded into the music industry with Remix.

My favourite part about working at Remix is not only the people I work with, but the freedom that being able to work remotely brings.

When I’m not working (or even when I am #remotework), you’ll probably find me cooking, walking the dog, and spending time with my family and boyfriend. I’m a total foodie, and love to try new and different things. I have also developed some pretty legit skills in cake decorating – and do the occasional commissioned cake for special people and occasions.

My other favourite thing to do is travel. Whether it is to my family cottage on weekends, or to Florida and Bermuda whenever I can fit it in – I love getting out of Kingston and Toronto. This is another reason I totally love my job – because I can travel and work from anywhere.

My advice for managing your online presence is: think before you post. I know it sounds cliché and all, but for real, the Internet is forever. This applies to personal pages and business accounts – if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your mom reading or seeing it, think twice about posting it on social.

I hope this helped you get to know me a little better! If you want an even better idea about what I do with my time, follow me on Instagram (@melaniesimp) for my marketing/ food/ dog/ wine/ and travel adventures!


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