Get More Spotify Streams With Calls To Action On Social Media

So you’ve got your music up on Spotify and your artist page is looking great. Now it’s time to promote on social media!

This is one of the first times in history where artists can have a direct relationship with their fans online through social media – we encourage our artists to take full advantage!

Using teasers and CTAs are a great way to drive traffic from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to your Spotify artists’ page. For more on this topic, check out this insightful video by Spotify for Artists:  h

Promoting Your Work

Top Takeaways:

  • Using follow CTAs is a great idea before you release music so your fans receive an immediate update as soon as your track drops!
  • Telling fans to add your music to their playlists will ensure repeat plays and increased algorithmic and editorial exposure!
  • Using scannable Spotify codes will link fans directly to your songs, album or playlist, both on and offline!

Always think about social media as a avenue to drive regular traffic to your Spotify page. So remember to keep tabs on any cool studio sessions, film dates, interviews or creative meetings and try to plan ahead to capture those standout moments that you can use in your social media posts.

With these promo tips in mind, you’re bound to turn those passive, occasional listeners into die-hard, lifelong fans!

If you have new music coming out contact us today to set up a FREE discovery session with our team – we would love to help you with your Spotify strategy!  


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