Famous Musicians Using Social Media Right

Almost every musician out there, from newbies to the most famous, are on social media. Even so, not all of them are using it to its full potential.

Here are some examples of musicians who are using social media effectively and maybe you can learn from them!

Finding Fame Through Social Media

Many musicians have been discovered through social media. This is mainly seen through platforms such as YouTube, but also other platforms like Vine (before it ended). These musicians utilized social media as a starting point for their careers. You could say being discovered was pure luck, but putting yourself out there and posting lots of content really increases your chances of finding that lucky break.

Some musicians that have utilized social media to find fame are:

  • Alessia Cara—She started with doing covers of songs on Facebook before moving over to YouTube where she was eventually discovered.
  • Tori Kelly—She tried to break into the industry for years with covers and original songs on platforms such as YouTube and MySpace. It would’ve been easy to give up after so long, but she pushed through and kept on posting until she was eventually discovered. Not everyone is an overnight success. It takes patience and hard work.
  • Shawn Mendes—He made his debut on the now nonexistent platform Vine. He spent the time to gain a significant following before eventually getting discovered by multiple record labels.
Being Unique is Essential in Being Discovered

Like stated before, almost every musician is on social media. Successful musicians know the importance of finding something that makes them unique. The Weeknd is a good example of this.

“After mysteriously releasing three songs to YouTube under the username “xoxxxoooxo,” Abel Tesfaye, now known as the Weeknd, quickly drew interest. His smooth voice along with the mystery surrounding his YouTube channel caught the attention of Drake among many others, and the rest is history.” – Insider

With millions of channels on YouTube, finding a way to stand out is vital. The Weeknd did that very effectively and now he’s known internationally.

Using Social Media for What it’s IntendedNot Just for Promotion

Social media is a good promotional tool but only if you’re not treating it only like that. It sounds contradictory, but using social media solely and obviously to promote music won’t get you the most out of it. TikTok is a good example of this.

TikTok becomes unavoidable for social media users of a certain demographic. No one wants to feel left out and the app hits this nerve. After all, we all want to be part of the next big thing!” – Remix

When TikTok took off, many celebrities and musicians felt the need to start posting promotional material on there just because it was trendy, but they didn’t gain much from it. The musicians that benefited from TikTok were the ones who created content they enjoyed that wasn’t a constant ad for their music.

An example of this is Tyga. He makes comedic sketches and follows the trends on the app, making videos that people on TikTok want to see. Because of this, he can gain new audience members because he’s created an image on TikTok not based on his music. That means people who don’t know who he is outside of his TikTok will be entertained by his videos, eventually find out he’s a musician, and check out his music. If he only posted content promoting music, the only people that would watch him are people who are already his fans.

Even already famous musicians can benefit from social media if they’re using it right. There is a place for every musician on social media, you just have to find what works for you. The celebrities mentioned in this blog certainly did!

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