consulting services

consulting services

When it comes to understanding the latest social media trends, we realize that it’s hard to keep up, and sometimes it helps to talk to a professional – even if you’re not ready to hand over your accounts to an agency. Enter Remix social media consulting services!

Book a one-on-one consultation with Mandi, and she’ll dive into your accounts, take notes, ask questions, and you’ll leave with actionable strategies to improve your current social media marketing efforts and align them with your career goals.

Our consulting services are sold in 2-hour blocks. If you are currently operating more than 5 social networks you will need to purchase a 4-hour block to ensure our team has the time to properly prepare before the 2-hour call.

Let's help you increase your fan base today!


We love working with musicians and bands to help them increase their fan base + get their music heard!
Remix has helped me build my online presence beyond any expectations I had! They are professional and reliable and VERY good at what they do. I have also learned so much about my own social media presence and how I can continue to build what I do online. I highly recommend Remix!!
- Miss Emily
Working with Remix was fantastic to say the least. Amanda's love for good music isn't hard to see at all, as she's very particular and detailed in the way she coordinates & builds artist content. I quickly discovered this in our first discovery session, from the type of questions I was asked to how each answer peaked her interest even more. Once we got the ball rolling, my content got a really nice face lift! If you can afford it and aren't the best with social media and all its nuances, Remix is your best bet to cover those bases - highly recommended!
- Chris Rio
REMIX took my crazy ideas and gave me an easy pathway I could follow to help get me where I wanted to be on every social media platform. Amanda's prompt responses, professional and detailed knowledge base of social media, accessibility and continued support has brought amazing value to her service and I am very happy to have made the connection to her and REMIX and the investment towards my career was so very much worth it! ALL THUMBS UP!
- Marshall Dane


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Remix is here to help musicians and bands (of all sizes) take control of their social media accounts and ensure they are using best practices to get the best possible exposure. Let us help you get back to the music!