Chapter One: Life After Internship

Did you miss me? Don’t worry, dear reader, I may be an industry professional now, but I have not forgotten about you, I could never forget about you!

Now, down to business. I feel there is almost too much to catch you up on. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? That is completely my fault, I take full responsibility. But things have changed, you may not recognize the musing girl typing these words. Long gone is the worried, awkward intern. She has been replaced by the new Taylor, a slightly less worried and equally awkward employee.

The past few weeks have flown by. I overuse this phrase way too much, mainly because I can’t think of a more apt way of describing the whirlwind that has been the beginning of my career. Wow, let that sink in. I have started my career. It seems so weird! Not like I’ve spent the last 5 years preparing for this very moment or anything!

My transition from intern to professional was pretty smooth overall, with very minor and sporadic patches of turbulence. What I find most difficult is working fewer hours, while being tasked with more responsibilities. It was definitely a challenge at first, but one that I found absurdly thrilling. I am happy to report that I have settled into a comfortable rhythm and can feel myself getting more confident in my abilities. For example, I don’t feel the need to quadruple check my work anymore! I still triple check, but I am no longer convinced that my eyes are lying to me.

The office has been very quiet lately. All the other interns have left and Mandi has moved to Halifax for the summer, so I’m holding down the proverbial fort. I got to attend a board meeting last week in her absence which made me feel much more important than I have any right to be. They had cake too! Chocolate cake! My expectations were significantly exceeded.

In other news, I graduated from St. Lawrence College the other day! That’s right, your girl passed her internship evaluation. The job offer wasn’t enough to convince me that I had passed. But now I have a diploma and a sore back from sitting to watch hundreds of students graduate as proof!

As a grad present, Mandi got me a framed picture from our photoshoot and I couldn’t think of a better gift. I finally feel as though I can make my workspace my own, and her gift was the perfect place to start.

I am currently sitting in my new office, listening to Frank Ocean in one ear and unintentionally eavesdropping on the conversation happening in the next room. Oh, and I feel happy. An almost overwhelming sense of happiness.

This is where I’m meant to be. This is what I’m supposed to be doing. And I’m killing it… obviously!


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