5th Week of Co-op: Speed bump!

This week of co-op, I unfortunately didn’t spend a lot of time in the office because I came down with a serious case of the flu. So as I write this, it’s Friday morning, and it is my first and last day of the week at Remix (sad face).

What did I do this week? Clearly not a lot. But I have learned to take things in stride and learn from every experience. I highly appreciate the team for picking up where I left off and adjusting to the situation. You know what they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work”! I have really benefited from working here and learning the work culture, and these first steps are defining for me as I transition from college student into the Canadian adult world. I’d be lying if I said it isn’t terrifying sometimes, working in a different country from the one you grew up in and aiming to please. However, I know that the magic only happens outside the comfort zone, so I’m happy to welcome the challenges as they come.

Today, I’ll be sending out a lot of emails to different media channels in and around Kingston, getting the word out about my music release coming up in the fall. I ran into a few challenges with the quality of the sound recordings and that may affect my proposed release date for the project, but I’m staying positive and pacing myself in order to not give less than standard work.

It’s the end of week 5 of my work placement, and I have one more week to go. This is a bitter-sweet feeling, but one that I am truly grateful for. Thank you for keeping up with my blog series so far!

Fun Facts

Amanda had treats for us this week, as always. Lovely lovely muffins, I feel even better for it. I wonder where she gets the recipes for these amazing treats!

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash


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