5 Behind The Scenes (BTS) Post Ideas For Busy Musicians

Posting regularly on social media and interacting with fans is a very important part of being a public figure. However, one of the major complaints that we get from musicians is that they just don’t have enough time to be as involved on social media as they’d like.

If you’re a busy, always-on-the-run musician, the idea of documenting over creating content might be a great way for you to start increasing post frequency with little effort.

Here are some ideas for quick BTS posts that you can create. You can even keep them in your camera roll for when you have nothing else to share as a backup plan!

The Impressive “Ugly” Post

Not everything you post has to be high quality, staged content. You can post a rough cut of a track you’re working on, an impromptu jam session or even a funny moment that was captured backstage.

It’s okay if it’s grainy since, as long as it’s relevant and interesting, that’s kind of the point!

The Casually Beautiful #HumbleBrag Post

Some behind the scenes shots are stunning and you know it! A view from your hotel room in a tropical destination, or the way your “unfiltered” selfie looks during the golden hour are great examples of this.

Humble brags are a coy way to let the audience know something good without coming across too boastful. Life on the road is not always tour busses and flight delays, so don’t forget to use #HumbleBrag as a great way to show off some self-aware, effortless glamour!

The Vulnerability Post

In case you missed the memo, vulnerability is in! This doesn’t mean you have to fall apart on live stream if it’s not your thing – do what feels right.

Feeling excited before a big show? Anxious for the public to hear your next track? Don’t be afraid to get real with fans.

The appeal of vulnerable posts is that they are a moment, a caption or a clip of you at your realest. Being authentic with fans and letting them in on your thoughts and feelings will always be a win for your personal brand over fabrications of perfection.

“People are becoming more social media savvy by the day. They can sniff out a post that’s being created just for likes. Be true to your story and your vulnerabilities. There’s no need to add any extra fluff or exaggerate any instances. Be truthful and trust that your story will resonate with the right people.” – Entrepreneur

Fan Content Reposts

Sometimes your followers take better, more emotional and engaging concert images than your photographer. In these cases, you should repost them and share the love!

Encourage fans to tag you so that you can repost the best candid shots. Your followers are always ecstatic to get a shoutout and re-posting their content on your feed is a million times better!

The “Practice Makes Perfect” Post

Candid or contrived, it doesn’t matter, you will always do well with a shot of yourself deep in the process of creating great art.

Are you working out a new dance routine? Just finished rehearsing for a big performance? Let your fans see with a shot of yourself in the studio, in rehearsals or at the gym.

Mark Wahlberg broke the internet when a copy of his insane daily routine was shared online since fans got a real glimpse into his life and were thoroughly impressed by his superhuman regimen.

If there is an aspect of your life that you work immensely hard on, it’s okay to be proud and show it off!

“Whether you’re traveling across the country or just sitting in the studio, don’t neglect the power of a candid snapshot. Such posts are windows into your world and are much more entertaining than 99% of what’s probably already in your followers’ feeds. They can even serve as some much-needed escapism for your fans. And if nothing else, behind-the-scenes photos also give you an opportunity to show off your personality.” – Sprout Social

So the next time you feel like you don’t have enough time to plan social media posts, try out one of these behind the scenes ideas – your followers will love it!

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