3rd week of Co-op: Halfway Point

Time is going by so quickly and I can’t believe we’ve hit the halfway point already. Thank you for staying up to date with my internship journey at Remix so far.

What can I say? It’s been another packed week with lots of fun tasks to complete. I can say that it really helps to have a space for creative freedom on the job, and Mandi has given us interns something to build on our own, which makes this a more stimulating work experience. So, in between major tasks, we’ve sat down and drafted ideas for our mini project. We presented our ideas to Mandi and she was impressed by our work. This week, I also gave myself a pat on the back after writing content for different clients on multiple channels and updating each account – I have gotten so much more comfortable with the different platforms than I was on week 1, and I can see myself doing this long term. It’s like a muscle being trained, and every week I get stronger and better at it.

Also as a part of my training, I learned a lot about LinkedIn advertising this week. Yes, you can call me the LinkedIn Ads connoisseur now, I know all you need to know about advertising on the platform – just missing the portfolio to show for it, but you can trust me (wink). Again, I value every learning opportunity given to me here at Remix and I am very grateful to Mandi for making it possible for us to actively learn while working.

For my music event in August, I’m still deep in the planning phase, but things are looking up. I got to speak with the venue staff and surveyed the performance area. I also reached out to a couple blogs and am currently awaiting feedback. I’m excited to be able to host my own event in Canada this year, it’s really a dream come true.

Fun facts: It’s spring, and in classic rainy-season fashion, some of us got sick. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t hit everyone.

Plus, Amanda’s treats this week came at the very end of the week. I wasn’t expecting them, but it was a pleasant surprise to walk in on Friday morning to muffins on my table. Needless to say, I love it here 🙂

Check in next week to find out more about my journey at Remix!


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