3 Ways Musicians Can Use Their Older Music On Social Media

Despite what top 40 charts and certain industry executives might have you believe, the value of your music doesn’t lessen with age.

In fact, an important part of being a musician on social media is making your back-catalog work for you in a sustainable way.

Here are some ways musicians are posting their older music on social media with confidence:

1. They Target New And Younger Listeners

Just because you’ve played the same song over and over for years and are tired of it, doesn’t mean that your audience is.

Many classic rock musicians are now touring the world again due to the fact that new generations are discovering their music for the first time.

Aim to target new and younger listeners with your posts. Remember, even if a song is “old”, if someone is hearing it for the first time, it’s new to them!

2. They Celebrate Anniversaries

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of a song or posting a throwback video clip are great and clever ways to share content and music that has already been released.

“Do a celebration concert, a Live stream, a Twitter listening party, or something else to commemorate the 5th or 20th or 50th anniversary of putting out a particular song or album.” – DIY Musician

Tap into nostalgia by sharing content that reminds your audience of their fond experiences!

3. They Use Old Content To Create New Content

Try to create a video about a larger theme like the song writing process and use one of your old tracks as an example. This way, your content will be about the composition or writing process in general and less about the actual song.

Sharing content about the creation process allows artists to make new story features and content from old compositions.

Rolling Stone has a few great series’, particularly one called “Levels” where they ask popular artist to go through the process of creating their most successful tracks.

Embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU8BEMi8UyM

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of feeling like you have to have something new, fresh and exciting every time you post, but your fans are often interested in learning about your process more than anything else. We follow musicians on social media because we want a glimpse into their lives and behind the scenes content is always welcome!

Social media demands constant output of content and it can be difficult to keep up on a daily basis. So one of the easiest ways to stay relevant and gain new fans online is through the regular posting and repurposing of older content.

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