3 Things Musicians Should Remember About Building Their Online Community

In a recent blog post, we spoke about engaging content ideas for musicians on social media. In order for a musician to build a real community online, they have to use the same tactics they would in real life. 

Social media managers have now become community builders, as brands and celebrities realize that it’s about more than just racking up likes.

“You might have been raised in a world of billboards and commercials, but using social media as a one-way street is killing your promo game. You need to engage with fans and listeners instead of blasting them with links, videos, and nonsense about buying your album.” – Cyber PR 

So, here are three things you should remember as a musician on social media if you want to raise your community-building game!

Remember To Focus On Quality 

If you want to succeed on social media, you should focus your effort on what matters. But we don’t mean follow count or number of likes. We’re talking about authenticity, quality of content, and an attempt to provide your audience with real value.  

This means focusing on quality interactions and what they mean to your community as a whole. It also means not becoming obsessed with shallow metrics of engagement. 

Research shows “that there was no correlation between social media engagement and brand loyalty… [So basically] a “like” has the same value as somebody waving at you. It’s a nice gesture, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy something or even come back again someday. – Schaefer Marketing Solutions

So, instead of focusing on general engagement, make sure you’re getting the right type of engagement. You should be sharing content that’s important to your community, its core values and the brand you’re trying to build. 

Remember, It’s About Them, NOT You!

Focus your attention on what really matters to your audience. To do this, “let’s first look at how Merriam-Webster defines community:

  • A unified body of individuals
  • a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society
  • a body of persons having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests” – Marketing Insider Group

Building a digital community is much the same as building one online. You have to be thoughtful, consider your members and above all else, be authentic! 

Community needs change all the time. So make sure you’re always staying on top of what yours needs to thrive and provide it with the essentials!

“If you focus on building a community around your band instead of acting as a bulletin board, you will start noticing the true power of social media.” – Cyber PR 

Remember, You Can Sell Without Selling 

Posting authentic content and being thoughtful about engagement will help you sell on social media without selling. 

“If you create a community of loyal fans, they will want to support you. Your community will become your sales force and all you need to do is be yourself and continue giving fans a band worth loving.” – Cyber PR 

As we’ve discussed many times, there is no silver bullet when it comes to building a real online community. It’s all about slow and steady growth. But if you follow these tips regularly, we have no doubt that you will start to see a difference! Are you a musician who needs help building an online community? Contact us today to set up a FREE discovery session with our team – we’d love to help!


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