2nd Week of Co-op: Getting Into The Groove

My first week at Remix was all about learning and getting trained on how to do things. Learning  the work culture, and integrating into the Remix system. It ended on a high note.

This second week of co-op was more challenging however, but I grew confidence in my ability to handle the different platforms Remix uses for business. It was initially intimidating to replicate content and writing styles for different profiles and really hit the ground running, but I welcomed the challenge. I realized just how much creativity it can take to write new and original content for different clients with unique personalities, and alternating between styles and voices seamlessly is easier said (or imagined!) than done. It requires you to be able to wear many hats at the same time; a lot of the business lies in the ability to be well organised and to manage multiple projects simultaneously, in good time.

You’re probably wondering what I did this week? Well, with me also planning my music release, I dove head first into design and content ideas for my social media pages. Amanda looked through my work and gave me useful feedback about, “staying on brand”. I found this very helpful because it gave me a new perspective on how deliberate brands can be about their colours and style. Not just in design elements (like logos), or printed material (like brochures or flyers), but even the colours used on Instagram highlight covers have to be deliberately chosen, giving a unified cohesive look across all channels. This little piece of advice made me a little bit of a design nerd this week, and I constantly found myself drifting into one Youtube tutorial or another, learning quick tips and tricks to make better designs.

We interns were also given a top secret side project to work on and build from the ground up for our own learning. This project gives us the creative freedom to replicate all our learning into a completely new venture, and make of it what we want – which makes work even more fun. Every little result we get for every strategy and tactic implemented is so rewarding as a result. Our brainstorm sessions this week were full of great ideas, only limited by imagination and resources – even pushing us further to find new ways to implement our ideas without breaking the bank. We have limited time but we set targets for ourselves, and this week we’ve made a lot of good progress towards achieving our goals.

One thing that’s so rewarding about Remix is Amanda’s strong desire to see us succeed. We have been given a good number of training materials to just dive into and make notes from, and learn as a part of our work. High quality training material that I wouldn’t have had access to or been able to afford on my student budget (you know how it is).  That to me is unmatched – having a boss who not only wants you to complete tasks efficiently and on time, but to also build and scale up your knowledge and ability. This makes me even more proud and glad that I chose Remix for my internship.

Fun facts

One afternoon, we all went to an Escape Room. Safe to say there’s a very healthy work-life balance in practice here. I am learning, having fun, and I’m truly excited for the weeks ahead.


Amanda’s treats have been next level, and I’m already looking forward to next week’s treats. It was really hard to get a picture of all the cookies without eating them up, I managed to get one (haha).

Join me next week for another entry on my blog series! Are you enjoying this so far? Do share, do tell, do comment – your choice. But by all means, I implore you – don’t be a ghost reader! 🙂


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