10 Reasons Why Your Engagement Is Down On Social Media (For Musicians)

If you’re using social media to promote your music, that’s amazing! But simply posting for the sake of it can end up doing you more harm than good. You can’t just post illusive, un-optimized content with an emoji as the caption and hope for the best – you need a plan!

So here are 10 reasons why your online profiles might be suffering:

1. You Don’t Post Enough or At All

How often do you post? Is it just once in a while when you have a lot going on in your career? Chances are, if you’re not getting the engagement you want, you’re not posting enough to keep your audience anticipating content, tour dates and releases. Your fans look to your social media pages for the most up to date content. If a show is cancelled or delayed, your audience is bound to check Twitter before they check the venue’s site.  

2. You Post Too Often or Your Content Is Repetitive

A flashback image is always awesome! But just be sure you’re not posting the same image or re-tweeting the same content over and over just because you have nothing else to say. Also, make sure you know the proper frequency of posts for your fans to avoid audience fatigue.

3. You Post Irrelevant Content

Paid reach is great, but posting relevant content that gets a lot of organic reach off the top is even better! After a few hundred impressions, the algorithm of most social media platforms can tell whether or not your posts are relevant to your audience and organic reach will either increase or decrease as a result. So make sure it’s relevant – everything from the tags to the caption!

4. You Post At The Wrong Times

Just because you’re awake at 2 am doesn’t mean that your audience is. Take some time to look over your analytics and figure out when your fans are most likely to engage with you. Unless your fans are in a different time zone, posting at inhuman hours will only serve to kill your engagement.

5. You Promote Too Much

If you’re using social media as an advertising billboard or your calls to action are too frequent, you will come across as spammy and either get muted or unfollowed by genuine fans. There is no need to say “follow me” or “click the link” in every caption. The link in your bio will get traffic naturally if you post engaging content since fans will click through to your profile more regularly.

6. You Don’t Edit

I’m not talking photoshop or Facetune here, but editing your content so that your fans can more easily consume it through social media is one of the best ways to show that you care. Try cutting down that 10 minute “behind the scenes” video to a 60-second highlight reel before you upload it to Instagram or Twitter – it will more likely get played to the end.

7. You Cross-Post Without Consideration For The Platform

It is important to become good at the platforms you choose to use regularly for your social media strategy. This means understanding that, at times, the audience on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook are vastly different. They require different creatives, captions and strategy in order to place your content in the best light. So it’s perfectly okay to crop that panoramic image down to a square if it looks better in your feed, but understand that some platforms might actually like the original format.  

8. Your Photos Are Terrible

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer for all your images, but investing time in lighting and image quality are great ways to stand out as your followers scroll their feeds. With a couple apps and the know-how, even your iPhone images can look great on social media.

9. You’re Not Tagging, Geotagging or Hash Tagging.

Are you tagging every aspect of your content? Once you have a strong hashtag game, it helps to also tag relevant accounts, brands and locations in your images. Posting an image with a guitar and tagging the manufacturer (i.e. @fender) will not only get you noticed by fans, but you might also appear on the discovery page of fans that follow the pages you follow!

10. It’s An Afterthought

As a social media manager I can’t stress how imperative it is to take your strategy seriously. It might sound silly to have a “hashtag strategy” but believe me, knowing how to deploy the proper tactics against your content will make all the difference!

It is to be noted that no amount of strategy or advertising dollars can save a bad product. The first tactic in your quest to win on social media as a musician should, above all else, be your music and production quality. In an ideal world, your tunes would just speak for themselves, but great content, paired with the strategies listed here, will get you all the attention you deserve!

If you have new music coming out contact us today to set up a FREE discovery session with our team – we would love to help you with your online engagement strategy!  


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